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Adelaide (Australia)

Joe Come with me to reach the goal Friendship
Leadership The Future and hope Focu Meo
Scialiamoci Sweet Wedding Elisa
Brainstorming The supporting family of an ambitious child Engagement
Wedding Solidarity "П" A number with an exact value
Voyage to Mars Gatekeeper of the moon Fleet per Aspects ad Astra (Part 1)
Fleet per Aspects ad Astra (Part 2) Est Ovest - Immigration stimulates and enriches The Feast of the Ascension
Jessica's Family AngeloNina Space Awareness
To Mars via the Moon Love The four Australian space musketeers
Above and Beyond Emily Exploring outer space
Andy Joanna Maintaining data Integrity
Jonathan’s business partnership Capture knowledge during the meeting

Bari (Italy)

To Gianni Celtic Dance

Belluno (Italy)

Rosito and Andrea

Bruxelles (Belgium)

The Couple

Canberra (Australia)

"During the man growth" "To pair up" "The compromise between family and work"
"Joined to a goal" "The desperate will start over" Growing Up
Go on three boys The Family Stop the dream
The Family II Thinking about Experience of Australian Immigration
Ale' Baby's Birth Alessandro and Sepideh

Havana (Cuba)

Marilu's Family

La Spezia (Italy)

Entering in the Earth

Melbourne (Australia)

Giulio's Family Life's challenge togheter

Milan (Italy)

"Attaining the heart of the matter"

New York (U.S.A.)

Young Family Where have you been? Harry up, come with me
I am waiting for you I am coming with you

Padua (Italy)

Man of success Stay there Achieving the treasure
Let's go I am here

Paris (France)

Achiving the core of the matter

Rome (Italy)

"At conclusion of an experience a new goal to Achieve"

Santiago (Chile)

Looking to the future

Sermoneta (Italy)

Deciding Meeting

Strasbourg (France)

Under Control

Sydney (Australia)

"International Conference" Follow me From one sea to another trough emigration

Tokyo (Japan)

Determination, reaching the goal Positive influence

Washington (USA)

Gatekeeper of Mars