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The painting is dedicated to the strong determination which the Italian Community of Australia has faced up to its migrant experience - 2005
The polychromatic figure, in the form of a tear drop, is symbolic of the multiethnic and multicultural Australian Society. The Italian Community, entwined in this tapestry, is represented by the surreal and intense magenta coloured figure that with pride in its origins, strong determination and dignity creates its own social standing. The Italian community, bound to its regions, is projected towards the bell tower as if holding onto a distant yet omnipresent memory of the traditions, costumes and cultures of the country it left behind. The experience of Italian immigration to Australian land matures under an extraordinary sky, rich in stars and hopes, which are often the only travel companions through nights of solitude. The only master of our destiny always remains God, represented here by the golden figure.
Width 300 cm - Height 120 cm - Depth 2 cm
Italian Cultural Center collection - Canberra (Australia)