October 2005


Tiny Particles: Big Risks
Scientists face a long journey on the road to answering consumer and occupational health and safety questions surrounding the emerging field of nanotechnology. Sarah Belfield reports.

Our Newest Nobel Laureates
Peter Pockley interviews Dr Robin Warren about the momentous discovery he made with Dr Barry Marshall that led to their Nobel Prize, which was announced on October 3.

Nobel Thoughts
Professor Peter Doherty was troubled by levels of research funding and the rise of religious fundamentalism when interviewed by Peter Pockley, yet predicts an Australian victory in this year's Nobel Prizes.

How Rusting Iron Can Clean Up Toxic Spills
Rusting iron could offer an environmentally friendly way to stop toxic chemical spills and make further clean-up safer, reveals Andrew Feitz.

How Are Emotions Stored in our Brains?
The discovery of how emotional memories are modulated may lead to treatments for anxiety, panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder. Louise Faber reports.

Designer Fertilisers from Coal Waste
Alex Elliot describes how waste from coal-fired power stations can be used to produce “designer” fertilisers that feed the roots of crops as they need it.

The Mars Hoax
David Reneke explores the basis behind an email hoax regarding the close approach of Mars later this month.

Time for Our Leaders to Stop and Think about Intelligent Design (338 kb PDF)
Alex Reisner questions why prominent politicians are unwilling to resist the push for religious fundamentalism to be taught in science classes.

Australia’s Science Policy:
Is Anybody Home?

Rory McGuire asks why Australia’s Minister for Science will not answer questions about the nation’s support for science.

Total Wellbeing or Too Much Meat?
(286 kb PDF)
The prestige of CSIRO’s name and the label “scientifically proven” are being used to hide the fact that The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet has not been compared with a genuine variety of alternatives, according to Rosemary Stanton and Gyorgy Scrinis.

Time for a Serious Debate on Cloning
The laws on stem cells and cloning are being reviewed following the closure last month of public submissions to Federal Court judge John Lockhart’s committee. Elizabeth Finkel questions why the debate has been so one-sided.

The Rebirth of the Multi-Function Polis
Sanjay Schrapel says that the original ideals of an advanced technology precinct in Adelaide are being realised almost 20 years since the MFP was first mooted.


Overseas Challenge to Australian Universities
The burgeoning export income earned by Australian universities is at risk of reversal from intense competition unless there is adequate funding, warns Italian science diplomat Nicola Sasanelli.


Comet Collision Counted Out

Light Stopped in its Tracks (194 kb PDF)

Scientists Find Recessive Gene for Wizardry

Evolutionists Advocate “Intelligent Design” (194 kb PDF)

Mutation Challenges Mendel

Magnesium Alloy Finds Cool Use

Sheep Intelligence Amazes Researcher

New Science Certifies Old Art

Safe Crowd Control

Mouse to Replace TV Remote

Science Broadcasting Record Tempered
by Program Cuts

The Richest Beach

CD Alert to Bioterrorism

Sieves of Clay

Trigonometry Made Simple

Teenagers Speeding To Disaster (179 kb PDF)

Morrison Wins Inaugural Science Award
(179 kb PDF)

Full Access to Evidence on CSIRO in Pockley’s Right-of-Reply (179 kb PDF)


Editorial (230 kb PDF)


Naked Skeptic

Cool Scientist


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