[artbooks] Art and Science: Nicola Sasanelli's 'What if They Never Existed'.

Tommaso Durante

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Wed Aug 27 09:28:04 EST 2008

Nicola Sasanelli's 'What if They Never Existed' was published by  
VODAFONE with publishing assistance from East Street Publications.

  “Today it is impossible to conceive of a world without mobile  
phones, washing machines or for that matter any one of the electrical  
appliances that we use in our everyday life”.

In “What if They Never Existed”, artist and scientist, Nicola  
Sasanelli focuses on nine significant scientists in history whose  
works and discoveries have helped change the world.

Scientific Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Canberra since 2001,  
Nicola Sasanelli is also an accomplished artist with works in  
collections around the world, and inspired by these scientists he has  
created a collection of paintings as a tribute to them.

Proudly sponsored by Vodafone, all profits from sales of “What if  
They Never Existed” are to be used to establish a scholarship fund  
for science and research studies for Australian and Italian students.

The book can be purchased by filling in the attached order form.

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